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Puppetry for all Occasions: Puppet Shows - Workshops - Puppeteers - Custom Services & More

About Us

Creventive Puppet Company


Creventive Puppet Company is an arts & entertainment company, founded by: Connor Asher, located in Chicago, Illinois.

CPC provides puppetry for all occasions, including: puppet shows, workshops, puppeteers, custom building services & more.

Puppet Shows:

CPC offers educational/entertaining puppet shows for families of all ages. Recently, Creventive has started adapting classic literature/fairy tales into puppet shows, giving the a unique CREVENTIVE spin. Some of these shows include: "Three Little Pigs", "The Ugly Duckling", "Red Riding hood", and more.

Our shows can last anywhere from 45min-1hr. We can mix & match shows based on your preference & needs.

We are constantly adding to our list of new shows, so the best way to stay up-to-date is to check our website.

Creventive sometimes performs publicly, the best way to get all the updates is to follow us on Facebook or check our website for upcoming events.

Workshops/Classes for Adults & Kids:

Looking to broaden your performance/building skills? Creventive offers a selection of classes for a wide variety of age groups, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Creating & Performing: Hand/Glove/Sock/Shadow/Table top puppets, Sculpture, Mask-making, and MORE!

Different classes offered weekly from beginner to advanced for children and adults alike.

Custom Services:

CPC offers custom services including: concept design, fabrication, sculpture for Television, Film, Stage, Commercials, and more.

The puppets we build are for any use and can be built to fit any specifications based on your character's design and ideas. Our workshop uses only the finest materials available to ensure comfort and long periods of use.

Monthly Events:

TV Monitor Puppetry Nights: 

Come play and learn the basics on how to use a monitor to perform puppetry for tv/film/improv. Puppets & equipment provided. 16+ ONLY!

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Want to help our company?? Consider DONATING.

Let us begin by saying that you do not need to feel obligated to give us any money. But if you do enjoy our work and would like to donate out of kindness, we assure you that the money will go to good use (software, hardware, electricity expenses, etc.). Please understand that if you donate, we cannot guarantee that it will get you some random spot into any of our work either.

We give you our promise though that we will continue to make the best work we can. Click the Paypal link below to donate!