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When booking a show, we will send you a one page contract which confirms the following:

  • Sponsor's Contact Information

  • Performance Address

  • Desired Show and Length

  • Performance Time(s)

  • Cancellation Terms

  • Payment Terms

Please contact us to book a show at or review the questions below.


Q: How much space is needed for the performance?

We regularly perform for 200+ audience members. Our smallest, most intimate set up fits in most family rooms (8x8) and accommodates 20-40 guests. For larger events.

 Technical Specs:

Space (Footprint)

Basic Setup: 12'x 12'

We provide the sound system for our performance.

The sponsor will provide a single electrical outlet.

Portable Power (optional, conditional)
It may be possible for Creventive to provide portable power. Please call to discuss. (This option must be detailed in the contract.)


Q: Do you perform outdoors?

Unless otherwise arranged, performances will be on a hard surface and indoors. Outdoor performances are possible, although they are at our discretion. We cannot perform in the rain. Please call to discuss your needs.

Q: How and when do we pay?

We accept checks and cash. Payment is due after the final performance of the contract. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

Normally, cancellation is allowed 7-calendar-days before the first performance. The cancellation policy will be detailed in your contract.