Frequently Asked Questions:

►What is Creventive Puppet Company?

Creventive Puppet Company is a traveling puppet theatre, puppet building workshop, and instructional facility based in Chicago, IL.

Under the artistic direction of Connor Asher, Creventive Puppet Company performs hundreds of live performances for family audiences every year. Their shows tour to theaters, festivals, and public events all over Chicago, IL.

►What does "Creventive" mean?

Creventive is a combination of the two words: "Creative and Inventive", founded by Connor Asher on 7/4/2014.

►What is your Mission statement?

The mission of Creventive Puppet Company is to promote the art of puppetry to audiences of all ages. We create productions that are written for a family audience, which to us means appropriate for children but also clever and entertaining to adults.

We also build our shows to tour, which means they are great for school assemblies, library performances or community events.

We are very passionate about education and offer a wide range of workshops in puppetry design, construction and performance. These classes are available for both children and adults.

► What types of services do you offer?

Creventive Puppet Company offers a wide-range of services including: Puppet Shows, Concept/Design, Custom Puppets, Walk-around Costumes, Rentals, and more.

► What makes Creventive Puppet Company's puppets good?

Creventive Puppet Co's puppet builders are also puppeteers, so our puppets are built with the puppeteer in mind. They are made out of lightweight, durable materials that provide maximum movement possibilities.

► How much does a custom puppet cost?

The cost of a custom puppet depends upon a variety of factors, including design, materials, process, mechanics and labor. Creventive Puppet Co's puppets aren't made in a factory, they are built by hand by highly skilled designers, fabricators, mechanics and costumers. To get a custom quote, send us your requirements.

►What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are by appointment only! Contact us VIA email or phone if you would like to setup a visit.

►How many employees do you currently have?

1 full-time, 3 part time.

►How long does it take to build a custom puppet?
Every custom puppet is different, so the time that it takes to build a character varies. A typical hand-and-rod, moving-mouth puppet takes about three weeks to build, depending upon the design. The design process can take one or two weeks.

►Why get a custom character built when I can buy a puppet online or at a toy store?
Creventive's custom puppets are built to professional standards with high-quality materials that make them easier to perform. A custom puppet will give your production a look that is unique, with a character that is your own.

►I found a puppet on eBay that only costs $200.
If price is your primary concern, that might work for you!

►Can I rent a puppet instead?
Yes. Creventive has a stock of puppets that are available to rent. Our puppets can be rented as-is for a flat fee or customized for an additional fee. Contact us for more details.

►Can you send me a catalog of your rental puppets?
Our stock of rental puppets is always in flux. Tell us what you need for your project, and we'll see if we have something that fits your requirements.

►Can I be involved in a Creventive Production?

We do get this question often and unfortunately can not fulfill all requests. If you're a professional and have a reel, please send it to our email address: "" and we'll add it to the list of potentials. We may need you in the future!

►Do you perform at birthday parties, weddings, and other events?

We sure do, we have a variety of different performances to suit your needs for any special event including: birthday parties, weddings, and so much more. If you want to email us with the specs of your project, please do so.

►What are the specs of your puppet stage?

Check out our "Booking Info" page for more info.

► How long has creventive existed?

Creventive was founded on July 4th 2014 and has been progressing ever since, thriving to expand our art forms and produce quality content through our productions for the fans!

►How does Creventive Puppet Co. support the community?

Creventive Puppet Company provides an opportunity to experience and learn about a traditional art form that is expressive and entertaining in a way all its own. Puppets can do and show things that a person never could. They have the ability to live out the fantasies we imagine, much like a cartoon, but in a live 3-D venue. They are magic, and everyone should have a little magic in their lives.

►What sets Creventive puppet co. apart from other competitors?

Our competitors are anyone doing live performances for a family audience, however we are different from the average performance troupe. Our puppet shows are complex works that involve many styles of puppetry and performance techniques blended together to create a unique experience.

Some styles used in our shows include shadow, hand, mouth, rod, tabletop, Czech marionette and found object puppetry to tell our stories. We layer our designs, music, scripts and performance styles together in a complementary way that fuses these separate elements into a single work of art. Our shows are special and represent us and our style. We love doing what we do and that comes across loud and clear in our shows and workshops.

Thank you, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here:


Phone: 1 (708) 310-9595