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At Creventive, we teach everyone from beginners to experienced artists, hobbyists to professionals, young and old!  Read what the Creventive Clients, Fans, Students and Alumni are saying about us!


"I met Connor at the 2015 Monsterpalooza in Burbank CA and immediately fell in love with the  talents of Connor Asher and his characters. He is an Artist of many talents: puppetry, concept, drawings, sculpting, design, you name it! And is good on everything he does. I cant stop laughing with the characters he created and when he brings them to life oh!!! You can tell for sure he was meant to make people happy. I can't tell enough! As a person, this young man is an inspiration to me; so friendly, nice and talkative I'll feel very confident working with, is somebody you can trust and just like me is a crazy Artist with a passionate soul."

-Noemi Smith

"The Creventive Team does nice work."

-Fred Putz

"Creventive, it was brilliant meeting you at Monsterpalooza. I especially loved the life and performance you put into your puppet characters! Hopefully we'll catch up again soon."

-Peter Cooper

"Where's the store? I need Creventive puppets, t-shirts and DVDs."

-Kenny Durkin


"I hope your ears were burning yesterday Connor. At the Guild board meeting we were all saying how impressed we were with you at the World Puppetry Day."
"He is one talented and driven young man. As we say in show business he has "it"

-David C. Herzog

"Working with Connor Asher to create new puppet characters through the Creventive Character Workshop, for my new puppet show has been an absolute pleasure. His concept designs to finishing work were incredible." 

-Mark Keeler

"Congratulations Creventive! Keep creating and refining your craft. Learning should be your constant. Never stop!"

-Shannon Shea

"I wish I Was where you are at age 18. It took me so many years to let myself do exactly what you are doing, and you have barely even started life. Every time you post I am reminded to fight back all the demons and do what I want to do. I want to be just like you. Don't let life get in the way. That's my advice. I hope you hold on tight to your dreams."

-Laura Harper

"Creventive is an awesome place we're u can create and be the artist you want to be. Connor Asher is an awesome teacher, artist, puppeteer,   designer and so much more check out his work! You are going to say, WOW!!!!!"

-Elizabeth Asher